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The car club was originally formed on June, 1964, with eight club members reaching through-out various cities in the wonderful state of Idaho.  The club members were true friends that helped each other with both car and personal needs.  As young men they attended car shows and traveled together on tours.

Back in the day, they had "Outlaw" Races on country roads with regular visits to Firebird and Pocatello Raceways, and a yearly visit to Bonneville Salt Flats.  Slow times were spent at the local diners and drive-ins trying to convince the girls to Hang Out.  WOW!  Does this sound like something out of your PAST?  Those were the days!

By 1970 the Car Club went dormant, when overtime six of the members were killed or Missing In Action in Vietnam.

The "Idaho Chariots" Club was re-activated in June 2012 with a large interest and a variety of car.  We do not cater to just one make of car.  We welcome and desire a "Friends and Family" car club.  Welcoming all types of cars including: Pick-ups, Hotrods, Street Rods, Classic Muscle, and even vehicles under construction.

Purchasing a Club Approved "Idaho Chariots" jacket is required for anyone want to join.

  • No Dues or Future Membership Costs

  • No Officers, No Politics, No Club Pressure or Rules

  • No Chapter Filings or Articles, ETC. 

Just a lot of new friends working on cars, taking tours trips, attending car shows, and regular coffee shop visits to brag and tell old stories of "Stuff" that never really happened.

Friends - An Amazing Gift!  It's Not As Much About Winning In Life, As It Is About How We Win As Friends.

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