My wife (then girlfriend) and her Mother purchased the car as a graduation gift in May of 1971.  It was to be a surprise, so Sherry's mom asked me to go with her to pick up the car at Cass County Motors in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.  We all lived on Omaha at the time.  It was a surprise to me that she wanted me to drive the new car home.  Back then the dealer didn't put enough gas in the car to make it home.  So, I was the first one to drive it, and put the first tank of gas in the car.


Fast forward, we got married the next year.  Now Mother-in Law didn't like her 1970 Maverick, but liked the Chevelle.  So, we just traded cars.  The only stipulation was that if she ever was ready to get rid of it, she would let us know.  That never happened, and in 1990 she traded it in at a local Chevy dealer.  The dealer ended up calling Sherry after the deal was made because the title was still in her name.  We got the run around when we asked to buy it.  Gave us a stupid price.  Car did only have 43,000 miles on it, but was suffering from the results of multiple Midwest winters with salt covered roads.  After seeing a salesman that I knew from other contacts, we ended up buying it back for $1000 with a special $200.00 rebate.  


After two new front fenders, a scouring of the smoked in interior, and a backyard paint job it became the first car of our 16 year old son.  He then passed it onto his brother to drive in high school. Somehow it survived the two boys and more Omaha winters.


By 1996 it was due for a major overhaul.  Crate motor (307 to 350), transmission (2-speed power glide to turbo 350), rear quarters, interior, and a better paint job in the original color.  Back in Sherry's hands, and staying out of the salty winters.  


If you don't count the short time spent as a trade-in at the dealers lot, this Chevelle is a real one-owner car.  Sherry continues to enjoy it.  Still needs air conditioning.  These cars are never done.....  

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